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Please be patient as we continue to update and add amazing latino, latina, latinx, xicano, xicana, xicanx, artists to this page.  


The artist takes his personal experiences as a Chicano, treading a fine line as he expresses his disapproval of Latino marginalization.  He tells stories using familiar imagery in esoteric compositions.  Aranda is able to tap into every LatinX's childhood while making them guess his intent with every sculpture he creates. 


Visit his website @  or @

Jake Prendez

aka Prendez is a renowned Chicano artist exhibiting his art and lecturing across the country. Jake is also the owner/director of the Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery on the border of West Seattle and White Center.


His oil paintings and digital artwork are created with a specific focus on themes relating to Chicanx and Indigenous culture, social justice, pop culture, and satire.


Jake’s work is an amalgamation of his life experiences. It represents his Chicano background, his life lived back and forth from Los Angeles and Seattle, it represents love and heart break, oppression and resilience, laughter and tears. It’s as if he took all his life experiences, put in a blender and poured out onto canvas. 


For booking and exhibition inquiries contact Jake Prendez at  or at 

Also, don't forget to visit his gallery @

Rafael Esparza

L.A. artist, rafael esparza turns a family craft into a versatile artform, by using adobe bricks which he makes from locally sourced materials and he creates often large installations that reflect the ephemeral qualities and erasable history that laborers provide.

emilia cruz